YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is an inclusive and kindness campaign designed to stamp out bullying

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is a highly visible yellow wristband with a life changing message

It is simple, safe and changes lives

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is the toolkit to eradicate bullying and embed inclusive behaviour in schools, sporting clubs and community groups.

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME tells everybody in your school, sporting club and community group that you are welcome to “sit with me” regardless of your age, race, religion, gender or disability .


YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is an inclusive and kindness campaign. It is a simple wristband with a life changing message. YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is a highly visible yellow wristband worn by children in schools, sports clubs and community groups to show that they welcome anyone to sit with them and that they are inclusive.

Children are trained what to do and say if someone comes to sit with them by asking “Are you ok?”

At no time does a child need to offer advice nor intervene in the problem, rather offering a safe place to sit and seeking help from a teacher or adult if needed.

Meet Sophie Sparks, founder of YOU CAN SIT WITH ME

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME was founded in 2015 by Sophie Whitehouse-Sparks who has over 25 years teaching experience across the UK, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Sophie Sparks specialises in Private Tutoring, Online-Tutoring, Special Needs Teaching, Entrance Exams and Individual Assessments.

Throughout Sophie Whitehouse-Sparks’ teaching career she has had the opportunity to work with children globally. Sophie Whitehouse-Sparks has worked with children in England, Ethiopia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia of varying ages, races, religions, disabilities and educational needs. It was through her work that she become aware and deeply concerned about children suffering from non-inclusive behaviour, bullying, anxiety, depression and loneliness as a result of feeling isolated.

After researching these problems, Sophie Whitehouse-Sparks found the statistical evidence to support that what she was witnessing in the playgrounds, classrooms, sporting clubs and communities was very much becoming a worldwide epidemic.

Sophie Whitehouse-Sparks created the very simple message ‘YOU CAN SIT WITH ME’ in response to non-inclusive behaviour and bullying and believes by bringing community groups together, we can change children’s lives.

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is a fully registered Australian charity.