The You Can Sit With Me Program

What is the YOU CAN SIT WITH ME program?

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is an inclusive community and education program  implemented by schools, sporting clubs and community groups. YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is a highly visible yellow wristband with a life changing message worn by students with a life changing message, currently in over 900 schools across Australia.

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is aligned with the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework, that supports children suffering with school refusal, anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation.

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME welcomes children to sit or learn together, regardless of  their age, race, religion, gender or disability.

Children are guided on what to do and say if someone comes to sit with them by asking “Are you ok?”

At no time does a child need to offer advice nor intervene in the problem, rather offering a safe place to sit and seeking help from a teacher or adult if needed.

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME amplifies it’s wellbeing message through the development of literacy programs for First Nation, marginalised, migrant and struggling children to close the literacy gap.