Book Club

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME Literacy “Book Club” Program

The YOU CAN SIT WITH ME Book Club literacy program has been designed to support marginalized, migrant, refugee and First Nations children who are isolated due to limited language and literacy skills. Through the development of language and literacy children are able to be included in classroom discussions, activities and games.

The program has been designed and written by global educator Sophie Whitehouse-Sparks who is passionate about inclusive education and experienced Teacher Librarian Sonja Holden, incorporating beautiful books with tailored activities that teach both verbal and written literacy skills.

Reading really is magic, it holds the key to unlocking the amazing world of words, connecting you to endless stories. Through literacy, children become more involved in their everyday activities either at school, or at home, and it is vital for communication, education and inclusivity.

By participating in the YOU CAN SIT WITH ME Book Club the children will feel included, confident and able to participate in all activities. This program will help minimise isolation and enable children to communicate with others and have the courage to ‘have-a -go’ at reading and language in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

The program has been designed for small groups and incorporates quality literature, inclusive activities which encourage collaborative learning and a lot of fun.

Celebrating inclusive education.

To learn more about the YOU CAN SIT WITH ME pilot literacy “book club” program please email us at