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Guidelines for Teachers, Sports Coaches and Community Leaders

Thank you for showing interest in YOU CAN SIT WITH ME

We have put together a list of recommendations and guidelines to assist you, however we appreciate that you will run the program the way in which suits your school, sports facility or community initiative.   We feel that not every child should have a wristband, this would cause a “fad” and the purpose will become lost. We have learnt from other schools that it seems to be effective in the years K-6 that each class has 5 wrist bands to give out and they are given out at the beginning of the week with the understanding that the children may not want to wear it every day.   We feel that children in leadership roles, peer support or class captains and vice captains should have access to the YOU CAN SIT WITH ME wristbands. We feel that other children who show kindness and compassion should also be considered to be YOU CAN SIT WITH ME ambassadors. However, children who you feel could benefit from wearing the wristband, who are trying to change behaviours or who have earned a wristband should be given an opportunity to be a YOU CAN SIT WITH ME ambassador at the time you feel is appropriate.   What we feel what is important is that the children understand that if they wear a YOU CAN SIT WITH ME wristband it is a commitment for the day. We need the children to understand that if they make this commitment they are not take the wristband off for the duration of the school day or time in which has been allocated to them to wear it.   It is important that the children think carefully prior to wearing the wristband. They need to consider the following points prior to wearing the wristband:

Am I having a good day today, do I feel strong enough to help others?

Am I happy for anyone of any age, race, religion, gender or disability to sit with me today?

Am I too busy today to help other people because I have activities on at recess and lunchtime?

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME, Together we are changing lives


Simply order individual wristbands or you can purchase bulk quantities for your school, club or community via


We recommend these guidelines are shared verbally (see the section below, especially for children) with students by the Principal or Club Manager in Assembly and also reiterated by their class teacher or sports coach.

We strongly recommend these guidelines are either emailed home to parents or you may feel more appropriate to re-write on your own letterhead and explain how your school will run the program along with the other anti-bullying and positive behavior programs you have active at your school or club.

We suggest that parents are educated so everyone is working cohesively to support the message.

Please check out our resources page, we have free resources including posters to display in key areas at your school or club!


We do not sell the bands for fundraising purposes. We strongly feel that if every child wears a band that the message is lost and will become a fad that fades away. We don’t want that to happen as we have a long term vision for these 5 simple, beautiful words to be a part of all schools and clubs’ positive behavior and anti-bullying guidelines.


We have partnered with the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation and we donate a portion of profits to this great cause. The money goes directly to further improve the education of our Aboriginal and Refugee communities, something the children should be very proud of supporting. We are very excited and proud about this.

We also use profits to continue to build and develop inclusive resources for students, parents and teachers.


Email us at or contact us using the contact us form on the website.

Please give us any feedback, we welcome your expertise. Please share with us what has and hasn’t worked in your school, community and sports clubs. We will be constantly updating this document with your support.

Our goal is to be able to embed the YOU CAN SIT WITH ME campaign into all schools by the end of 2025 and with your help together we will help support fellow Australian children.

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME, together we can and we are changing lives.

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