How to implement the You Can Sit With Me Program

1. Begin by hosting an information session with your school’s faculty and staff. Highlight the importance of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. Make sure everyone understands the purpose of the program and how it will be implemented. We can provide all the material and resources free of charge.

2. Create a YOU CAN SIT WITH ME committee that will be responsible for setting up and maintaining the program. The committee should include the school’s wellbeing leader.

3. Develop a plan for the implementation of the program. We suggest implementing the program at the beginning of term, around one of our events or even on YOU CAN SIT WITH ME day! This plan should include details such as who will be responsible for monitoring and supervising the program and how the program will be evaluated.

4. Make sure that the whole school community has access to the program. This includes providing information about the program for parents, students and teachers. This information is free and printable from our guideline tab and we have video content we can share with you too!

5. Head to the You Can Sit With Me shop and buy the wristbands.

6. Implement the program and see for yourself how a simple yellow wristband with a life changing message changes lives and create an inclusive community!

How YOU CAN SIT WITH ME can be embedded in schools as a leadership program

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME Years 5-6 Program

4 wristbands are given for every 30 students. The students are fully trained and become YOU CAN SIT WITH ME ambassadors supporting students both in class and on the playground.

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME Years 6 and 8 Buddy Program

A Year 6 student is given a Year 8 Buddy for the Primary to Secondary School transition. When they enter Year 7, their buddy will be in Year 9. This creates leadership opportunities for Year 9’s.

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME Years 11-12 Leadership Program

All year 11 and 12 become YOU CAN SIT WITH ME ambassadors. Being young leaders, the whole school community can turn to them for support and advice.

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME All Years Peer Support Program

Key empathetic children are identified by the school community and given YOU CAN SIT WITH ME leadership opportunity to support every child in the school and greater community.