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Kambala: YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is an anti-bullying initiative and kindness campaign

Kambala View NSW

Source: Kambala View Community Portals

“Creating connections for girls is so important in terms of preventative mental health. Friendships can be hard to navigate at times, and having a symbol for openness to non-judgemental connection could provide hope to those who are struggling. We are really excited that YOU CAN SIT WITH ME could be that symbol,” said Dr Tamara Lang (Dean of Wellbeing).


North Shore Mums: ‘You CAN sit with me!’ The teacher making a difference to bullying

NJ Dance

Source: North Shore Mums

It’s the problem that’s all too common- schoolyard bullying. But after seeing how conflict is effecting kids, teacher Sophie Whitehouse became determined to make a difference. She founded the anti-bullying initiative YOU CAN SIT WITH ME to support children suffering from anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation.

Read more at #YouCanSitWithMe is an anti bullying campaign set to change the culture of the schoolyard

YCSWM Wristbands


Children are being encouraged to wear the highly visible band to help put an end to bullying and to make sure all children feel included whether that be at school, at a sporting club or at a community group.

Check out our full interview with Natalise Gruzlewski and learn more about the #YouCanSitWithMe initiative in the video below: