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Daily Telegraph: You Can Sit With Me initiative takes off at Chipping Norton Public School

Students have to put their hand up if they want to wear the You Can Sit With Me band. Picture: Melvyn Knipe

Principal Shelley Diamond said the initiative was an amazing opportunity for the kids in a small school setting. “It’s wonderful seeing the leaders who are all kind and caring and want everything to be inclusive embrace this initiative,” she said.

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Source:, 29 July 2016

“Bullying is something we’ve all had some sort of experience with. Whether we’ve been the victim, the by-stander or horrifyingly, the initiator, it’s a social issue that is a learned behavior. That’s why we need anti-bullying policies at schools. I also believe we need to go one step further and empower kids to find a safe place or person when they feel lonely or under threat.”

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