FAQ- Children


A: YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is an anti-bullying initiative and kindness campaign to help strengthen our communities and stamp out bullying.

Q: Why would someone want to sit with me?

A: Maybe they are new to your school and don’t have anyone to sit with or maybe they are having a few troubles. By wearing the highly visible YOU CAN SIT WITH ME wristband they will know you are a person who welcomes them to sit with you – no questions asked. By offering a hand of friendship in a time of need you will change that child’s life by allowing them to feel welcome as your friend. By wearing the YOU CAN SIT WITH ME wristband you are also saying to the people in your school, sport club or community that you welcome any child of any age, race, religion or culture to sit with you. Maybe someday you may be that new person or someone who needs a friend, look out for a YOU CAN SIT WITH ME wristband and know there is always someone there for you.

Q: What do I say if someone wants to sit with me?

A: It is very simple, you simply say “Hi” and tell them your name or if they look sad or distressed you ask “Are you ok?” At no point are you to counsel someone or attempt to fix their problems – if you are concerned or the child is very upset please tell an adult, so they can get the help the person needs. By simply being a friend and giving a child someone to sit with you are making a huge difference to that child’s life.

Q: How do I get involved?

A: If you feel like you would be a good person to wear a YOU CAN SIT WITH ME wristband you need to let your teacher, community leader or sports coach know. They will then talk to you and arrange for you to be a YOU CAN SIT WITH ME ambassador. This may not be instant, you may need to go on a list and wait your turn.

Q: What do I do if I decide I don’t want to wear the wristband anymore?

A: If you decide to wear a YOU CAN SIT WITH ME wristband for the day you will need to keep it on for the whole day as it is a commitment that you have made, you can’t simply take it off half way through the day and decide it is not for you. Before making the decision to wear a wristband think to yourself:
Am I having a good day and do I feel strong enough to help others?
Am I happy for anyone of any race, age, gender or culture to sit with me? Am I too busy to day to help other people because I have things to do at recess or lunch time?
There will be days when it doesn’t suit you to wear a wristband and that is ok, you can wear one on another day. If you decide that you don’t want to wear the wristband again at the end of the day you simply let your teacher, community leader or coach know. If you would like to wear it again another day, then please let them know too.

Q: How am I helping other Australians by wearing a YOU CAN SIT WITH ME wristband?

A: You are helping someone who is feeling isolated to feel included and valued. You are really helping change someone’s day, thank you. You have also helped in other ways. We have partnered with the Australian Numeracy and Literacy foundation and we donate profits to this great cause. The money will be used to further improve the education of our Aboriginal and refugee communities – something we are very excited about and something we are very proud of. If you wear a YOU CAN SIT WITH ME wristband you should be proud too! You are helping change children’s lives and strengthening communities.

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